Part 9 – Walking El Camino Del Norte

If you enjoy walking and hiking, you might want to consider walking The Camino de Santiago. I have just returned from walking El Camino del Norte and loved it; probably one of my best experiences.

The history

The Camino de Santiago is a collection of Christian pilgrimage routes all over Europe which lead to the north-western Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela. Continue reading “Part 9 – Walking El Camino Del Norte”


Part eight – India: a summary

Oh wow. That’s how I’d like to start this blog. I have just left the hallowed ground of Mother India. It’s been a whirlwind 4 months and 17 days!

I feel very lucky right now to experience, see and meet all the people I met. Even though I was in the country for over 4 months, I barely scratched the surface. Continue reading “Part eight – India: a summary”

Part seven – Palermo

I came to Palermo in search of warmer weather. I was relatively unprepared for what I would find but when I heard you could arrive by boat from the Italian mainland, I knew this would be up my street. So I booked my boat ticket and one rainy December evening, I boarded the boat at Pisa. It was slightly alarming to be given sea sickness tablets upon boarding, but I hoped that my sea legs would hold up! And I was chuffed to find out I had a cabin to myself.

Continue reading “Part seven – Palermo”

Part five – Volunteering in Italian agriturismos

One of things that attracted me to Italy is the food. I really love it. Up there with Japanese cuisine, it’s one of my favourites. It therefore made sense to spend time in the Italian countryside, in a farm, getting to know some of the local traditions.

I was lucky to have volunteered at two agriturismos (basically a farmstay, designed to have guests) in the Italian countryside in some of the most stunning countryside I have ever been in.  Add an interested and varied group of fellow volunteers into the mix and I had a month of memories I won’t soon forget. Continue reading “Part five – Volunteering in Italian agriturismos”

Part four – When in Rome…

I had sort of booked my travel to Rome on a whim. And when I say sort of, I had – totally. I spotted a 15-euro flight from Bordeaux to Rome and immediately booked it. I even wasn’t sure until a few days before, whether I would take the flight, such is the life of the whimsical traveller. But as I had only been to Rome for a one-day whistle-stop tour and loved it, it seemed like a good idea. Continue reading “Part four – When in Rome…”

Part three – Workaway at Moulin de Chaves, a retreat in rural France

The internet with its peer-to-peer communities and mobile apps have changed the way people are able to travel. One of these community websites is Workaway, a work travel exchange program which was started in 2002 when the founder, David Milward went to Hawaii and started working the hostel he was staying in. He then realised that other travellers may want a more meaningful travel experience and the website was borne. Continue reading “Part three – Workaway at Moulin de Chaves, a retreat in rural France”

Part two – Provence

The more I see of France, the more I want to see. This is kind of a surprise to me as I spent my childhood holidays in France – and I am not saying that I was having a Kevin and Perry-style teenage moment – but I don’t remember ever feeling particularly inspired.

Anyway, skip forward twenty years and here I am soaking up the rays in the south-east of France – in October, yes October! Add that to the list of reasons to visit – and loving it.  Continue reading “Part two – Provence”

Part one – It begins in Bordeaux

Hello friends. In September 2017, I packed everything up from the central London I shared with two girls, quit my job and decided to travel, properly; without any commitments, without needing to be anywhere and without much of a plan! Kind of.

I did, at least, know where I was going to start – Bordeaux, for three weeks in an attempt to learn French and hang out in the beautiful city I had visited for 3 days the previous summer.

Continue reading “Part one – It begins in Bordeaux”

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